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The meaning of the word mentor is “A trusted friend” clearly reflects our approach of handling you. We believe in taking up your all matter relating to your case in personalised way. Since we are based at northern part of India where student & his family’s inquisitions starts from very scratch we start taking your question from very beginner’s level that may invite frustration with other. We are accustomed to accepting an array of questions from basics to advance levels. Such as:

Logging on to passport websites for seeking guidance

How passport is made & how to go about it

Importance of English requirement

How to develop it if not at acceptable level

What is importance of reference/ recommendation letters

How to choose a course and find its employability

Why it is important to see modules of a course

Why a sincere approach in a student is expected by University & High Commissions

What is importance of insurance Why it is important to be aware of social, climatic, conditions of a country and the laws of their land.

How to use public & personal transport

Study pattern

Education system etc.

“If you think you CAN or CAN’T, you are always right!”