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University Selection Assistance

Since we being a consultant do not believe in perplexing a student leaving him on a crossroad in the name of counselling and impose ourselves hiding crucial information. We have straight policy of helping a student know more than what he wants to know explaining him the importance of sincerity while deciding study destination by taking him on to journey of exploration of unexplored vistas or hidden aspects vital for his future life. Commercial outlook is always important for any organisation and so is the case with us as well. But where we differ is that doesn’t come on our priority vis-a-vis student’s welfare. We prefer working as mentor of a student, the base & strength of our being; than just biased agent of an institution therefore we do not hesitate taking into discussion the universities out of our representations to justify our moral duty. A student has multiple doubts for location of a university, many questions such as a country, its migration policies, geographical conditions and city, its proximity with metros, with airports and other travelling modes, society & culture, availability of particular food, living cost, entertainment options and what not !

We answer them about a university with one or more campuses, location in the particular city, magnitude, ranking & reputation, range of courses being offered, different departments, fee structure, payment schedule, scholarship & bursary, assistance in placements for internships (paid or unpaid), particular course length & durations, tutorial & open discussions, their role & extent of organising workshops, availability & size of libraries & other learning resources, open days, project & case studies, placement record, hostels facility etc .